Advice for Writers


Books for Writers

  • On Writing by Stephen King
  • “The Writer’s Home Companion: An Anthology of the World’s Best Writing Advice, from Keats to Kunitz,” edited and with an Introduction by Joan Bolker.
  • The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr.
  • Every Page Perfect: A Full-Size Writer’s Manual for Manuscript Format & Submission Protocol by Mary Lynn
  • Method and Madness: The Making of a Story by Alice LaPlante

Websites for Writers

Quotes for Writers

“With the proceeds of my last novel, I purchased a small handbarrow, on which my guests’ luggage is wheeled from the station to my house. It needs a coat of paint. With the proceeds of my next novel, I shall have it painted.” — Henry James

“Writing a novel is like driving a car at night. You can see only as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.” — E.L. Doctorow

“I never met a writer who wanted to be anything else.” — Natalie Goldberg

“When you say something, make sure you have said it. The chances of your having said it are only fair.” — E.B. White

“The most heroic thing a creative person can do is live an orderly life so that the work can get done.” — Cary Tennis

“The only way to write is well and how you do it is your own damn business.” — A.J. Liebling